How much ram does a GM13 dedicated server use? [Linux]

I did some research and I couldn’t seem to find any indication of how much ram I could expect a GM13 dedicated server to consume. I am fairly sure that other resources (I/O, CPU, Bandwidth) shouldn’t be a bottleneck. Could anyone please share the numbers they have seen?
Thanks in advance.

Virtually none, your bottleneck will most likely be the CPU.

Mine uses 400-500mb

Ha, 400-500 is a good bit when you are talking about linux. And the server has 4 cores on a 3.8Ghz xeon But I have bursted beyond 6 before.

Not much, the above is a node worth of Garry’s Mod servers.

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Yes the CPU is going to be the bottleneck in virtually all cases.

Ok cool, Thanks for the info!

Depending on the gamemode, after roughly 7 days of uptime, my server uses around 1gb, but goes back down around 150K or so after a restart.

Using a 1230v2, I use roughly 50% with ~275 players, it’s very spikey though.

Thanks! It seems like gamemodes such as TTT are much less intensive on the CPU.

Due to the fact that there’s no building on TTT.

Try running a spacebuild server, oh my, is it any wonder why the usual player cap is low.