How much RAM should I allocate to Garry's Mod?

Right now I have 4.00 GB of RAM, but I’m not sure how much Garry’s Mod is using because the launch options won’t open.
Anyway, what would be a good amount to let it use, without causing damage to my system?

A gig at most, IMO

8 giges, if you dunt has taht much jsut download more here
i got 16 gigs and i mhappy

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Give me a straight answer, please.

2 gigs if you make huge contraptions,or spam.

2 gigs would be fine.

I don’t think even Crysis uses 1 gig.

Exactly, so 2 gigs would be Fine<Great.

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Also I have 4 gigs as well and it uses only around 40-60% 60 at the highest when I have props spammed all over the screen.

It won’t ‘cause damage’ to your system if it uses a lot of RAM.

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Gmod uses the source engine far above its capabilities

2 gigs

OP, are you using the “heapsize” command? If so, isn’t the limit 3GB for that?

It’s usually best to leave the application to allocate it’s own memory (which would be using all 4gb I presume), won’t cause any damage to the system. Only use for allocating its own memory would be if you’re doing a seperate task whilst playing gmod

Should I know it is? What about the other ones?

2GB of ram is good for gmod, and is the minimum to correctly run some of the better modules.

Garry’s Mod focuses greatly on ram, allocate as much as physically possible to it, if you have lots of content you like to load while in game, you’ll find even 4 gigs may not be sufficient. i have 3 gigs and i run out rather quickly if i thumb through all my ragdolls and what not.

Mass physics stuff needs one hell of a lot.
It chugs on mine when I do it and I have 4 gb