How much will the rebuilt Rust cost?

Should I get it while it’s $20? will it go up or down? .3.


It’ll probably be the same as it is now.

Get it while it’s fairly new, goy! Did you not know that its value will double as it ages?

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I’m not aware of any intentions by Garry to increase Rust’s cost at any point in the future. He has declined to put Rust at any kind of discount since putting it up on Steam because he does not want to encourage people to buy it at this early stage in development.

Before you ask, consumer demand basically forced his hand to begin with. This subforum was flooded with people looking/begging for keys when they were being distributed for free to FP users last summer/fall, even after Garry started selling limited amounts (per day) privately. Once Rust was able to transition from the webplayer version to standalone, it was able to be sold on Steam, where Valve would handle the payment and billing end of things for them.

I don’t expect any price increases. If anything, it may become slightly less expensive ($14.99 maybe?) near or at launch, but I have zero info and am speculating.

Purchase Rust at the price you’re comfortable with. If the current price is too much for what’s being offered, wait for one or the other to change to a more favourable position.


I would just say get it now, if you have the cash. It’s still a lot of fun and even funner if you are with friends, and all future updates are free.

You would pay the same price to go to 2 movies at the cinema as you would to purchase rust. 2 movies at the cinema is around 3-4 hours, I have over 100 hours into rust, and I’m someone that doesn’t play very much.

I mean, economics-wise the price should probably go up as the game becomes reaches higher levels of development (the price becomes more currency and less risk). That said, I have no reason to think that this will be the case. I’d buy in now, play around in legacy for a while and keep an eye on experimental. It’s well worth it.

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