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I am in the Army and will be leaving in the next few months. When I return from AIT for 6 months before being transferred to active I want to have done a complete custom Serious/Lite RP with EVERYTHING custom. Map, Cars, Jobs, Menus, Skills, GUI.

I will be hiring either 1,2,3,4, or 5 people what ever it takes to get it done.

Estimated Price? (Don’t tell me an hourly rate I want a flat price)
Estimated Time?

I have money so don’t worry.


I have set views for the server and can’t wait to get into development with it! I ask for your ideas on what you would like to have in the server so I can improve and please my future community. Please post below.

What I need:

Order inwhich jobs have to be done:

1st.Map: This is one BIG BIG job! I have big plans for the map and I need someone with great imagination to bring this to life. The map will be BIG with many different types of places to accompany to new skills that will be in this gamemode! This mapper has to be very skilled and able to create anything. (I will be paying for time and effort)
2ndGamemode: Covers Cars, Jobs, Skills, NPC placement, and all custom items etc… will be in the gamemode job. This will take serveral workers to work together and complete each task.
3rd.GUI(texture guy + script)(covers GUI, Menus): This is what is going to make the server appealing this is an importaint job for a expert GUI coder. The GUI will be using images to make the menus have smooth rounded or designed corners and edges. You will be creating what the user sees on there screen while cycling through there menus and looking at there health, stamnia, weapon display, skills, NPC menus, car viewers, and all other menus. AGAIN this is a big job so calling all expert GUI coders.

These jobs all require expertiese and dedication. The people that do these jobs must work hard and do their best! While working on their job they may not share any content with anyone. This gamemode, Map, every single thing is 110% exclusive to me. That is why I am laying down big bucks!

From scratch, 300-500 dollars, 1 month.

That was a sheer estimate, im not interested in doing said scripting.

EDIT: I realized you said map, so my estimate basically only covers the scripting side.

Thanks Rem, this is good news for me because I am looking to spend no more then 1k.

Or you could learn how to code yourself and not have to spend anything :expressionless:
But that’s coming from my economical perspective.
Regardless of what you end up doing, knowing how to program at least a little bit looks good and is a nice skill to have, not to mention fun as all hell (at least in my opinion, but then again I’m a Comp Sci major, so I may be biased)

(First statement not meant to sound douchey or anything >.>)

I would love to but I purely don’t have the time. BCT, AIT, and Active is my life.

If you had a budget of about £1000 im sure you could get some great stuff.

I have the budget of $1000 US Dollars. £1000 is like $1600.

But yes $1000 US Dollars I am sure will get my an amazing game mode for all of you guys to play.

Did you read that he’s going into the army? So he doesn’t have the time obviously. And for most people it takes months just to learn how to code good enough to do all that.

RP Gamemodes are not really hard to do, hardest thing is making them user-friendly, so that players can easily understand what to do.
In my opinion:
Gamemode(covers Cars, Jobs, Skills): 150-200 dollars - Not doing it, I do not have time nor willpower
-if you get more coders to work on it, less job will have to be done, yet there still is the effort of the scripter, so you cannot just devide it, I’d say 100-150 dollars each if you get <= 4 scripters.

GUI(texture guy + script)(covers GUI, Menus): 100-150(200 generous/fair) dollars - I could do this part if you want, I’m not bad with GUI at all :v:

Map: I don’t know anything about maps, but I guess 150 dollars would do it.

You should spend about 700 dollars.

Oh and I’m curious, would this be another darkrp or a public remake of PERP?

What was you aiming at when you said GUI, as in a Derma Skin for the rest of your menus to use, or creating a HUD which someone will image and then the coder will use to produce the actual image you see on screen

Or a mixture of both?

(If it’s something simple like that, I’d do it along with Wolfo if he creates the images. Something like $10, or Just Cause 2 from Steam which is about $10 will do me, but I’m not sure of the pricing, I’m British :slight_smile: )

I do not create images, I script both HUD and GUI(Menus and stuff, doesn’t really need to be Derma) if someone provides textures.

Either way, if you find someone to create the images as well for the HUD then as I said before, I’ll take a look at it and if you like it all then amSteam gift of Just Cause 2 would be much appreciated (Which is a lot less than the original £100-150 price :wink: )

Explain what makes a PERP remake? Then ill be able to give you a better answer. If you are talking about DarkRP as building ect… and PERP as cars, NPCs, Big maps then yes PERP is what it will be the style but Revamped and a RP revolution. (Please give me some ideas of what you would like to see in this server. Items, Jobs, Buyables anything.)

Thank You for your reply, do you have any examples of your work? I would love to see some menu work if you have some or some nice interface GUI like health bar money bar etc. (Please give me some ideas of what you would like to see in this server. Items, Jobs, Buyables anything.)

This would be complete custom not using derma(Maybe, Depending on Derma abilities and looks), I would want it imaged and coded. My goal is to make the nicest, most appealing, best coded, most unique, most user friendly server to ever be with a RP gamemode. I want to make RP history.
And as with you. I would like to see some work done to see what you are capable of, I am sure I can do the JC2 game for a payment. (Please give me some ideas of what you would like to see in this server. Items, Jobs, Buyables anything.)

I only have some small things of really old work of mine but have a look anyway:

(There are 3 images, if you can see only one, is down or you have a bad connection)

One small thing, I suggest to make a full plan first, if you are looking for ideas and stuff it means you are unsure about your project and/or you don’t have a goal for it.
“Ideas” should be asked after the gamemode is done, so it can be improved.
At least, that’s how a serious project works like.

Plan its phases, for example: “Alpha: X Done, Y Done, Z Done”, “Beta: T Done, Stuff Done”, “Game Release: Working menus and stuff”.

Thanks. I am merely asking for ideas not because I don’t know what I want but to see what I can add to please my future community. This is done all the time before things are created to please the user. Can you explain each picture and what you did. Ps. I know these are just examples but this will not be a DarkRP it will be similar to PERP but revamped and a RP revolution.

First one is a clickable HUD, second one simple HUD, third one Character Menu.
I also made a point and drag menu for an RP project I stopped(You had to hold Q to open an inventory at the top and drag something to a smaller inventory to use it, worked but took a lot) also if you are planning to hire me keep in mind that I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to make what you require, so please let me informed.
As for your project, “similar to PERP but revamped and a RP revolution.”, I’ve heard that many, MANY times but, all I can wish you is good luck.

Elite, I’ve added you on Steam so if you want to see any previous work or discuss anything, you can talk to me there :slight_smile:

Have you heard of someone spending $500-$1000 on it though?

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Thanks xomax.

Cow, if your going to be spending big money on this I suggest making admins/developers agree to some sort of I don’t know what to call it contract? That will make sure they do not release it to anyone and if they do then they can get into some legal trouble.