how much would it cost to get somebody to make a rp map?

how much would it cost to get somebody to make a rp map?

It would probably be based on time spent (in hours) making the map, and the size you would want it.

It would largely depend on the quality you’re after, including the above.

I never got why someone would give money for a map, I see lots of hard work may be put into it, but are you really willing to give money? Most guys here do this for passion.

They could be paying for a more personalized map. Some may only take their passion to a certain mapping style. For example I like to make clean textured maps, but someone might give me a request for a run down saw mill.

Just find a nice mapper and they will probably do it for you (although, they will go their own pace; and probably use their own style)

I’ll map anything you want if you pay me accordingly based on the time required to finish it and your expectations.

Same here.

same here

From previous threads, people expect at least $150+, maybe, for a medium sized map.

Ill do it for free if you let me do it how i want, With the textures i want.

Developing a good roleplay map could easily up to 1 to 3+ months depending on workflow skill, preparation, and map size. These figures are strictly for people who have a rather professional talent. Something that would greatly reduce development time is if you could provide a detailed and neatly illustrated version of what you want.

Better off Getting a Basic Job.