How much would this model cost?


I play on a CloneWarsRP server on Garry’s Mod as Anakin. Recently, the server has begun to move in a more realistic modeling direction, with higher resolution textures, and has begun to pull away from the Clone Wars show in terms of textures and materials.

Currently, the model that the server uses for Anakin is this:
Another CGI Anakin model on the workshop is this:
An Episode 3 Anakin model can also be found here:

What I’m looking for is a model that looks like the Clone Wars era Anakin, but looks more realistic.
My first question is: Which would be an easier way to get this done: Making a new model from scratch? Or retexturing one of the above models to look more realistic?
My second question is: What would the pricing be? The quality I’m looking for has to be pretty good, basically the highest quality possible for GMod. Best hair, armor, materials, lighting (so some parts look metallic and others look like cloth etc.)
My third question is: What would would the timeframe be? A month? 3 months?
Finally, my last question is: How much would it be to add on a Jiggleboned Cloak bodygroup like shown here?: (31 seconds if the timestamp doesn’t work)

Possible concept image for what the model might look like:

Thank you!

Is this perhaps the wrong place to ask this kind of question? I know this isn’t really where I should go if I want Gmod models, but I thought if I had questions people here would know.

If so, can anyone redirect me to the place where I should be asking this?

in terms of facepunch you’re in the right section, but people here aren’t likely to want to/be able to do what you’re asking. the most we do is take stuff from one model and put it on another.

But I’m not asking anyone to do anything, I’m asking 4 questions about how this would be done and how much it would cost.

If I wanted this done, I’d go to GMod Jobs, not here. But here I thought I would find people who could answer my questions on pricing and possibility.