How much would this script cost?

So my birthday is coming up, and I’m a poor person atm, but getting a job very soon, and I usually get 50-100 dollars per birthday. I own a TTT server and had an idea for a new simple little game mechanic.
My idea was just a very simple little panel that has some buttons on it. Each button is a class that can vary from giving you items to increasing your health and giving your weapons perks. Since I’m coming into a rough estimate of 50-100 dollars, would that be enough to pay for that script?

(Also I did try to do it myself but I only have a VERY basic, if not no knowledge of Gmod lua, so it didn’t go well)

Should be more than enough for that script. Try go on and put up your and create a job.

Sounds like what you descripe can be replaced by the free pointshop.
There many add-ons on scriptfodder that allows you to customize it to your liking.

There is also a few solutions on scriptfodder if you don’t like pointshop.