How much would you charge to set up a DarkRP server and website?

No, it’s not a request thread! Don’t ban me! I’m just curious what you guys would charge, if presented with an opportunity, to provide this service for someone. The server is going to a pretty standard DarkRP server. It will have a system for buying VIP, a bunch of custom classes, some of which will probably have special attributes like run speed, health, etc. Anyway, pretty straight forward. The website will need a forum with all the boards ready to go, a VIP buy area, some rules, some graphics. I asked the buyer what he would be willing to pay, and he said $100 was good, so I accepted that, and asked for $10 extra for making the website. Is he getting ripped off? Am I getting ripped off? What are your thoughts?

I’d charge $40 altogether.

Thanks for making me feel like a dick. That seems somewhat low to me, but I guess I really have no idea.

Dude, DarkRP sucks.

DarkRP is VERY easy to set up, I could help you for cheap. And I’m a website reseller and can hook you up with cheap website hosting, all you need is your own domain. :)))

add me on steam if you’re interested. My steam name is Polyosis, just search for that. The picture is Blue with a P.

He was asking for opinions on his own price to set up the server for somebody else…

Setting up a server and website to those specifications would take me a couple hours at most, so I wouldn’t charge high. I don’t care about the work involved, I care about the time it takes to get it done.

Please leave the internet, you add nothing.

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Fair enough. It may take me a little longer, and this kid knows absolutely nothing about any of this, so I will need to spend some time teaching him. He’s paid me $55 up front; if it doesn’t take me at least 8 - 10 hours, I will not ask for the second half. Thanks for your input by the way.

That about does it with this thread then, unless others have some estimates to share.

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Yes… read the post please. I’m offering the service to someone, not looking for someone to provide it for me.

I just mis-understood it, my apologies. You shouldn’t charge much for setting up darkRP, I wouldn;t charge more than $15 to be honest. As for setting up a website, charge $2 more than what you pay for the domain, and for setting it up/designing it will vary depending on what you use for the site. If you make them a custom site coded by yourself you could charge anywhere from $50-$100 but what would be easier for them is a wordpress site and a custom theme, that takes no time to set up and little effort to make a custom theme so I’d charge about $20-$30 for that. If they want a community forum, you could set it up easy for them, small fee for that, no more than $10. So coming to a final conclusion, Deprehensio has a good price set. However I’d do it for cheap just because I enjoy doing that sort of stuff.

Yes, I understand that he probably is giving too much, and I will not take any more than the $55 I’ve already received, if that project takes less than eight hours. I know HTML/Javascript, some PhP, and some SQL, but I’m probably not going to use any of it, because free website creators do a great job, and take a fraction of the time to make. Like I said though, I’m expected to teach this guy (who couldn’t find the Xenon hosting site) how to use and modify this stuff on his own. That means, FTP, basic lua, basic gamemode stuff, that may take some time. I’m also not sure if he’s looking at any addons that will require some lua scripting/editing, which could also take a while. Generally, I’ll work at a reasonable pace, and charge based on the time it takes to get the job done.

Also, I’m probably expected to make the content for the website.

Oh trust me, I understand how you feel when it comes to teaching people that kind of stuff, I’m a technical support for a hosting company (fora few more months at least, before I can get a better job). I once spent 2 hours teaching someone how to use an FTP client/make FTP users. When it was over I just facepalmed for an hour. As far as addons are concerned, luckily most addons don’t require any kind of modifying to work with dark RP unless you’re adding weapons, which in that case only takes a few minutes to edit some LUA files for them to be able to be spawned by gundealers and such. Now if it was a PERP server on the other hand… I would be charging much more unless you were creating the community with him.

Do people respect you more around here if you spew the same canned crap about how bad DarkRP is? I guess all that matters is that you’ve found a way to make yourself feel superior to the rest of the Gmod community, congratulations for that; you’ve proven that you don’t understand what the word subjective means.

Nah, people think DarkRP is bad just because it’s old, and it’s what everyone uses pretty much. That doesn’t make it BAD, just outdated. I don’t think anyone should be dis-respected for using DarkRP over other gamemodes. Every gamemode has it’s own features to make it unique, therefore there’s no true gamemode out here that “everyone” should use. People often say perp is the best RP gamemode, but if that’s the case why is DarkRP more popular? The two gamemodes are actually completely differen’t. It’s all about opinions.

Indeed, and what I find particularly frustrating is the fact that it’s not MY server.

Very true.

Yeah, $110 seems way to steep for what you are looking for. Overall with the outcome as something impressive, beautiful and hard work, I’d charge around $40-50, or even more if you really like what was done.

I’d like to clarify this once more: I am the one making the server, not paying.

VIP with custom classes.
Run speed
Other crap
Website with intigrated automated purchase system with a VIP buy area

@ $100 that would be cheap. The intigrated VIP and purchase system would take a little while if done properly, these muppets saying 20-40 are probably just talking a quick SMF install and a default darkrp install.

Thanks for the feedback Pantho, but I think a lot of these people are right. I wasn’t planning on setting up an automated system for him. I have done it before, but it would take longer, and as I mentioned earlier, this guy really has no clue what he’s doing. Absolutely none. So teaching him how to manage his SQL database and what not would be very hard when he doesn’t know how to use FTP, and if something went wrong, he would have absolutely no clue how to fix it. Right now, I’m planning on simply making a ULX class or some other basic way, so he can add donors by hand with a few clicks. I guess it’s worth noting that a lot of what I’ll be doing is teaching him the basics. I’ll also be doing all the graphics and stuff for the website. Like I said before, I won’t ask for the second half of the payment unless it takes me at least eight hours to do all the work, probably more like ten.

By the way, I’m friends with you on Steam. I go by Arrandale or Godot there. Just thought I’d mention that.

Oh hey arrandale :slight_smile:

Indeed I agree, but I think that is what he wanted.

ULX group won’t do DarkRP VIP groups by default though, although a quick cheap edit to shared.lua does the trick. Looks cheap but it works.