How much would you hate it if item icons were hand drawn?

I like this example, i think i prefer something like these than what we have currently.

I hate it 95.3% kidding. Those look great. Did you draw them?

It doesn’t fit to the rest of the UI, I think they should stick with what they’re currently doing, unless they’re going to change style of the UI.

Other way around is that allow players to make own UI, item Icons and so on. Simple modding I guess, folder where you can place your own version of items and such and it uses them instead than default.

This idea would work with the steam workshop too, people sharing own icons and such.

Problem with this may be, how the Anti-cheats react to these?


Good idea and all and look nice for what they are, but it does not fit the rest of the UI.

Nah it was on the Rust Twitter page.

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I think the hand drawn icons would suit the current UI, though with one change i’d prefer less cartoonish outlines and steer towards a much more minimalist style, less detail, less cartoonish lines, I personally think that the current icons don’t really suit the new UI. If we are recreating Rust from ground up we may as well create some new icons.

I think player creativity should mostly be restricted to custom in game items( chairs, clothing etc) not messing around with the UI unless its to change the Item Placement Color and or Menu text color.

Neh, although the icons look great, it doesn’t fit in Rust.
The landscape already looks way too teletubbie. Don’t need an UI for kids also.
In other words, I mean Rust is getting too ‘clean’ in my opinion. I like the graphics to be a bit rawer. The current item icons really gives you the idea you’re scavenging items in a post-apocalyptic environment. Besides that, the current icons feel a bit more mature.

You please more customers with the ability to change menus and other UI from the game. If you don’t like it, you can change it.

I myself don’t like idea giving players creating custom content as chairs and such. Cool idea but it’ll probably cause plenty of problems. Unless hitboxes and health and other stuff is set by Garry and his team.

More like changing skins, instead of creating totally new. But this is just my point of view.

Nothing in Rust fits, its mostly eclectic survivalism, we’re getting Candle Hats soon.

Having drawn icons would make it fit the Apocalyptic Survivalist genre because it would seem like you drew the icons yourself as a way to record the list of items in your personal Apocalyptic Diary.

How much rawer can you get if the icons look like they were drawn instead of someone spending a couple of hours to make them on the computer.

Current icons feel a bit more mature? maybe they need ID now? they might want to start drinking and doing other Adult activities.

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I dont see how giving players the ability to create custom models for things like chairs will cause problems. Their just chairs, all they will be able to do is change the texture and the shapes. Hit box points will probably be set according to what material its set to be made of from in game textures.

If anything I’ve seen and experienced, changing skins for web browsers tends to cause trouble especially if its not made correctly.

A bit less cartoony and more gritty, real world looking I reckon, more so than what we currently have. Hand drawn would be fine but needs to fit the current theme, its a survival game not a fantasy rpg, IMO

Did someone say teletubbies!?

Looks like Don’t Starve, but we play Rust!

So, i like these icons, but as mentioned before they don’t really fit to Rust. Maybe they need to bee less cartoony

i really don’t like these and i have a fine art degree so i should know :eng101:

I really like the unstylized graphical style of rust and personally would love to see it stay. Not a huge fan of anything cartoony in this kind of game.

If anything rust needs to crank the bleakness up a notch.

If there were hand drawn art it wouldn’t make sense for them to be anything more than black and white hand scrawled scribblings if its to fit in with the idea that the player was drawing them.


Lol. I am Pablo, Diego, José, Francisco de Paula, Juan Nepomuceno, Maria de los Remedios, Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad, Ruiz Picasso, so I think I would know a thing or two about fine art (not saying you don’t have the degree, but I am saying that online, credentials are kind of meaningless :zoid:), and I have to say I really like the idea of hand-drawn icons. I think the ones we have are kind of lack-luster. I’m with Nexus when he says they should be more gritty, though.

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Edit – I do agree with you and Nexus about the landscape needing to be more bleak, though, yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vector art would be the medium between hand drawn and the digital style of the current UI, I really don’t care either way though. Game should be bleak, and I’m more of a utilitarian mind… If it works, use it. It’s not “my” art, and I wouldn’t want to put the time in to make art for a UI that’s not to my own game.

Reminds me of Don’t Starve

Haven’t you checked the dev servers? Garry implemented a new suit some hours ago… :wink:

ha yer the degree reference was kind of supposed to be a bit ironic :stuck_out_tongue:

bleakness 4tw

Looks like you’re the one with the fine art degree to me!

Ah. Uh, I meant my answer ironically too, so can the two cancel each other out and we call it even? :suicide: