How My bases Keep geting Raided. PHOTO TUT

My Base thats been raided

Seen Raiding ideas

Jump Tests

What is the height you can fall from without getting killed instantly?

interesting… Much effort has been put in this way of raiding a house but i guess it’s a legit way to do it o.o

I’ve been wondering the same thing as well, i can tell you that… Had similar houses as yours, i did have some flaws in my previous buildings but when i finally had my, atleast i thought, “unraidable house”… It lasted for 2 days until it mysteriously disappeared >.>

Didn’t see any raiding left overs as the ones on the pictures above so i assume it’s because of some " darker powers " ;D

yup! You can also have a friend turn their back to the wall. (If on a modded server) You can TP to them and you will be in the building.

EDIT: If the base is on a rock, You can do the same thing but log out as you are falling near the building. Then you will be in the building, I call this the Spider Man effect.

i’d rather call it a bug exploit

Those towers are sloppy. I made one that stuck out over 50 spaces long. that’s what one I made looks like. The blocks on the back were so someone could join us up top. I’ll see about doing a video tonight.

of course combining this and the horizontal wall bug would give you an easy diving board with no stability problems. but this shit bores the hell out of me, i wish the cupboard was just removed already;)

I agree. Nowadays it’s all insta-build and insta-demolish. You spend hours gathering the resources to build a base in 30 seconds, that will be destroyed in 30 seconds as soon as your wall is breached. The tool cupboard has taken all the fun out of building.

I just made this- sorry for the night time, I was in a rush but it works.

informative but a little dark. next time do during the day or something lol

build a big block with A over hanging floor on each of the sides then if u sit just of center of all that and try to place a floor block were the wall is. it should pop up
then remove the other wall and build walls on the side with no stability just build out how over many u want. bad bug imo !

This needs to be fixed.

I agree, I can easily get on top of anywhere and the build makes no real sense.

hmm i agree and disagree, for large buildings insta-build and demolish is a gift from the Norse Gods, just come and build with me one day and you’ll see, but that said i really kind of do miss hammering my walls with my trusty wooden hammer who sadly doesn’t see any action at all other than to convert or demolish shit, and is probably seeing a Hammer Psychologist due to feelings of uselessness. It never gets to hammer shit any more. I can’t remember the last time me and my hammer sung MC Hammers song, and yelled gleefully out loud “STOP…HAMMER TIME”.

exactly how hard do we want raiding to be? cup boards are already breaking the imagination of building as it is.

c4 was supposed to be the balance for this issue but if we can’t choose the best location to plant our explosives it just becomes a endurance race. who has enough c4 to destroy enough walls to come close to entering the structure.