How not to make terrain in Hammer

I found this video searching around the internet. This is a nice little tutorial on things to please never do ever. I’m surprised Hammer didn’t crash.


Carving with spheres, it’s not for pros.

Have a Clock you are so late.

This is quite old and we all had a laugh about it a while ago. It’s still the best way to make uneven terrain though.

I see. Seen the hammer quantum physics video as well?

oh god its so horrible… makes me want to cry.

At first I thought this was a bump from forever ago.

But then I realized OP was late…

I didn’t watch the videos, but I assume its that one where the guy carves cylinders into a block too make terrain.

Someone posted a thread almost a year or so back called “My friend uses carve to make his terrain” or something like that with that video in it. Anyway, just letting you know that you’re late. :v:


At least one of those is.

It is.

4:25 in the first one “computer lagging” GEE I WONDER WHY :suicide:

Twister Displacement Generator

Not by a long shot. Twister can use heightmaps to create uneven displacements.

I can’t even see what he’s doing in the Quantum Physics one, its a mess on all the views.

The first one is old, old, old, OLD. I haven’t seen the second one, and it gave me quite a chuckle.

I got nauseous watching the first video…

You mean you didn’t actually upchuck?

I’m somewhat surprised people don’t get nauseous watching your avatar…cough anyways back on topic…

Oh wait, I already gave my opinion…damn.

Thanks for the link.

Thanks, never of heard of that before.

Wow, this is awesome, thanks for the link.

I didn’t finish the first video. I couldn’t stand to see the dismemberment of an innocent brush like that!

I gave you your 30th late rating, happy late anniversary.

Carving to make terrain? Uhhhhh