How NOT to map

Don’t use areaportals on windows… Seriously. Keep your areaportals to doors in CLOSED-IN ROOMS. And SPARINGLY. You can overuse these. or nodraw textures on one side of them. You don’t want someone to see inside? Use a opaque texture and not a transparent one.

That map is pretty much what NOT to do. There’s overlays clear in the void (at least 20 of them I’ve deleted) One light in the void leaking to Cultulu and it hurts the God’s eyes, touching area portals and, nodraws all over the place where it’s not necessary… It’s a trainwreck.

I just started mapping and even I understand you don’t do things like this.

Video: [video][/video]

Seriously. Please don’t do this kind of stuff when you start learning how to map. It makes my eyes bleed.

Decompiling maps tends to cause those kinds of problems.

Decompiling breaks areaportals and causes issues like areaportal stacking. You actually want to have areaportals on most windows and doors.

Also, don’t act pretentious when, as you said, “I’m new to mapping” Especially when you’re looking at a decompiled map.

So basically what you guys are saying is that I can’t win for losing.

I wouldn’t say it’s pretentious. More like I enjoy learning from what other people have created.

Stiffy is saying youre acting pretentious because you are new to mapping, and so are inexperienced and not aware of issues such as these that come with decompiling, yet you make a thread telling people that your error has produced bad results.

OG Post was an image of a broken areaportal while saying “Un-decompiled map”

Which it couldn’t’ve been, since this is straight from the workshop. :glare:

Learning from others isn’t shit talking a decompiled map.

My main point is, learn the ins and outs of mapping before calling people out for bad practices. You may find that it wasn’t such a bad practice after all, or in this case it’s an issue with decompiling a map.

It’s not bad to learn from other people’s work, just ask for permission, and don’t complain about their practices if you’re new.

Here’s a couple of my maps you can look at the source files to Needs this

someones v-chip broke. Anyway, there’s still clipping issues and stuff strewn all over the place. So the Areaportals seem to be a bug in decompiling. however even attempting to fix these still leaves a xray effect. I’m gonna just bugger off anyway as family issues have cropped up and priorities.

You need to actually remake the areaportals to fix them in a decompiled map.

It’s a rp_downtown_*** edit, there’s bound to be tons of sub-optimal geometry.

As Stiffy360 said, ask for permission. A significant number of people will hand over, or have already released their sources for you to learn from, or make derivative versions of.

I personally have released significant swaths of my work with heinously permissive licenses:

Seconding this. When I was messing around on rooftops for Jaykin, decompiling often either broke or otherwise messed up the collapsing building, amid other issues. I contacted youmenow, the guy who made the map, and not only did he just give me the original vmf, he revealed a better rooftops that he was already working on, one that Jaykin could’ve missed out on.

I know personal stories aren’t the best sources of why to do X, I’m just saying there’s no harm for asking for an infinitely superior VMF.