How often do you play Gmod?

Just curious, since I certainly don’t play it as much as I used to.

I almost never play it for recreation, but I still develop every day.

its getting to become a waste of time because the only populated servers are roleplay

I usually just mess around in singleplayer and code random useless stuff when I’m bored. :v:

Where’s the “Entirely too often” option?

I used to play it a couple of times a week but at the moment I’m not playing it at all because it would be another distraction from writing my gamemode for it.

Where’s the “every day of my life for 3500 hours option”

Here’s the strategy tho. Find a good build server and never leave. Worked for me.

Where’s the “it’s the only game I play God help I have over 5000 hours” option? :S

I thought i played alot with 1700 hours. Its my most played game on steam

Not too often anymore due to work.

Every day.

Spent 7200 hours on it so far, will probably spend another 7200 before I start getting bored.

I know a friend who got over 15000 hours with it. I only got around 2700.

I haven’t played it in ages but now I’m getting back into it

I have 2,192 hours logged :v:

I mostly play it every or every other day, for an average of 4 hours in total on the days that I do. However, I only play in either Singeplayer, or a particular build server that I really enjoy. So I either play Garry’s Mod for making creations by myself / with a community, or to develop content for it.

I’ve really lost interest in doing anything else on Garry’s Mod as time went on, especially due to a certain majority of people that actively play the game nowadays. I definitely played it much more back in late Gmod 12 / Gmod 13 Beta.

i play it everyday, pretty sure most people here can say the same

I think i played enough of this shithole. I choke myself joining terrible servers just to get banned because of obvious minging and then brag about it.
Overall Steam is like a dildo that is always trying to crawl inside your asshole to then ferociously feed off it.

I’m leaving steam and Gmod behind.

I am at a loss for words. It is so terrible seeing someone such as yourself leaving steam and Garry’s Mod behind forever.

Sorry to see you go.

Reminds me of how in a lot of gaming communities, you’ll get threads posted by a guy no one recognizes and who only has like 3 posts saying “It’s been fun guys, but man I gotta quit. TTYL <3.”


is that a bad thing?

my ultimate sincere condolences goes to the user who goes by the online alias of DonkeySoda, who left the Garry’s Mod community and Steam as a whole for good this time. i assume he couldn’t take all the frustration anymore. he will be remembered solely for this post alone. :frowning:

and nothing of value was lost