How often gmod goes on sale?

I’m new to gmod and bought it just few months at full price ago but now i’m thinking about purchasing it for my friend and gmod right now is on Steam summer sale with 33% discount. So my question is: how often gmod goes on sale, what was the lowest gmod price you remember? Thanks.

does it matter? it’s so cheap anyway.

It was 50% off one time, not sure if its been on sale since then.

I’m just wonder if i can get it cheaper since i’m not in hurry with purchasing another copy.

also the lowest price i remeber is it being $5.00
and a serious answer to your question. steam has sales it seems at every major holiday. summer, christmas, and a few others.

Its not often, buy it now.
But i agree with “TheBeastyDude44” too, its cheap anyway

Thanks for your comments, guys. I think i will get it this sale.

If you have gold member. I hear that garry gives you a special discount. The price for gold member is $999.95 USD But its really a coverup. Gold member is free and the offer ends today!

You are idiot in great manner. Please refrain from unbearable.

It went for half price about ten days after I bought it, but that was last year. I don’t think it’s gone on sale since.

In other words, not often.

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