How often is Tick and PlayerTick called?

Both pages in the wiki don’t say this, is it because it can be changed? If so, should I use timers?

It says it’s called every server tick- and I think on client every frame. PlayerTick is probably called the same amount, but the real question is why do you want to change how often it’s called? And why do you want to use a timer for that?

I don’t want to change it, my question is, how often is it called?

It depends on servers tickrate. Common tickrates are 33 ,66 ticks per second

Default tickrate is 66 - so ideally it would be called 66 times per second.

You don’t need to know how often it is called though.

Use FrameTime() and RealFrameTime() to get the delay between frames for your logic, etc.