How perfectionism has prevented me from learning mapping and how I will overcome it

Let me first say that this might be in the wrong topic. Nothing really fit 100% so I just chose this one since it’s the one that mostly fits.

Anyways, I got Garry’s Mod back in 2015, and I always wanted to learn how to make a map for the game, even before I was able to purchase the game. After a few months, I began to attempt learning how to map. I found some tutorials, and within an hour or so, I had my first ever room mapped out, without textures of course.

After a while though, something changed in me, I began to feel this indescribable feeling that halted any further progress. I began to nitpick my maps from the very beginning of their creations. Even though I was a beginner, I felt like I shouldn’t map if I don’t know how to do so “properly”. What did I mean by properly? Well, I mean 100% accurately. Not only did I expect myself to be the best mapper ever, I expected myself to build things EXACTLY as they are in real life. I felt like I couldn’t make a house or a building because I felt like if it wasn’t accurate to a real life one, people wouldn’t like it. I kept trying for years to get past this but it just never worked out. I’d always quit after just only starting. I thought I couldn’t do anything.

I also felt like if I were to use the pre-existing Half-Life 2 assets and models, I was being a bad mapper. And since I couldn’t make any of those by myself, I pretty much just made that a reason to quit, even though pretty much everyone else used them all the time.

Now it’s dawned onto me. The things I make don’t need to be super realistic. It just has to vaguely resemble it. Just because the building I would map wouldn’t be something you’d see in real life, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be good enough for a GMOD map. This is what I realized when I began looking at a ton of the popular maps. None of them are really that accurate to real life. No house/building, park, cave, or city would ever look like this. It’s infuriating knowing that I’ve prevented myself from doing something I always wanted to do for years all because of a stupid issue.

Now, here’s the part that’s going to avoid having this forum post closed for being in the wrong topic (lol). I wanted to say that when this game comes out, when I’m able to get my hands on it, I will promise to all of you that I will try my damn hardest to power through this. I want to make maps for all of you to play, I want to give you a reason to play my maps. I promise that I will one day be a brilliant mapper. I know that when I start, it won’t be easy. I’ll make terrible maps, but I will improve. I want to do what I always wanted to do, make maps for people to enjoy.

Anyways, sorry for this really random and absurd forum post, I just wanted to write down my struggles with mapping and creating things in general.


It is actually pretty common for content creators to be so obsessed with making things right that they get bored with every project and never finish them.

It is very detrimental for beginners and good on you for recognizing it, as S&box’s release dawns nearer you should learn to overcome this in time.

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