How possible is it to burst down someone with a p250 at 100 yards?

Just asking how hard that is. I cant seem to do it nor can any of the 10 people on my friends list whom i asked. At that range, it seems like someone would need to shoot one bullet, bring the pistol down post recoil, and shoot again, maybe with a .4 second buffer (at best) in between shots. I have come across a couple dominant players on the server who seem to either be pro gamers or cheaters who can click the mouse as fast as possible and hit each shot at 100ish yards away. I hate to make any hackusations here, maybe if someone here could give me an example of it being done i’d approve.

If they get head shots on you every time even from the 100 yards away then they or he is a hacker.

No heashots, torso shots

I don’t know about hitting them from that range that your talking about, but you can spam click as fast as possible and swing your mouse down as you do it and generally get at least 4-5 of the 8 bullets to hit.

It’s hard but possible, it’s when you hear 2 or 3 straight up headshots that sound like someone is firing it full auto that are usually cheating.

Probably Counter strike players :v:

It is possible just takes skill if they are wearing Kevlar, if they are not its quite easy since P250 has 120 range. Which it is effective but goes up to 150 range but severely lowed damage.

To answer your question. Yes it is possible.

If it sounds like an assault rifle they probably have no recoil and esp to see hitboxes. If they tap then its hard to say they are probably legit. Just look at them when they shoot if the bullets follow the same path they are cheating.

Could just be a macro, it’s pretty easy to set one up to burst fire and have it (mostly) auto-correct for recoil.
Vertical recoil is pretty easy to account for, horiz recoil is more random and can’t really be worked into a macro.
Or someone is aimbotting, many aimbots can be configured to make torso shots so people don’t notice the botting as easily.

It’s relatively easy to tell if they’re hacking or not. Watch the tracers, if they look like a laser, they are likely hacking. If they have sway or recoil, the “Laser” effect can’t be made.

Watch streams like BChillz for examples of really really sneaky aimbotting. If you watch him, and look at how that works, it helps somewhat. Chillz is one of the streams I actually recommend for admins/mods, because it’s quite informative, and helps catch closet hackers quite well.

Are those macros allowed? You would be a hero to tell me how/where i can get one

They are not allowed, whatever mental gymnastics people might use to justify them. Fact is, it is still a way of cheating, such macro’s nullify intended game mechanics (recoil/sway)

They aren’t allowed anywhere, because they’re game breaking, but it doesn’t require messing with any Rust/Steam files so they won’t be VAC detected.

However using one is going to make it look exactly like you use a no recoil hack for anyone who sees you in-game.