How - Proper texture alignment.

I need help, i have a curved (made using arch tool) road. i need to make a texture simply and effectivly align to each surface on this road, corrisponding to the next and privious so i end up with a curved line, how?
i HAVE tried using the Alt + right click method, this doesnt work! (!! Is this because im using a laptop that has only ONE alt key??? !!)
anyway here is what im working on as a road curve ;

Ok, to do this effectively, you have to select the top face of the straight, and then alt+rightclick the nodraw’d side that you can see (the inner side, relative to the curve). Now, you click that side, and alt+rightclick the first inner side of the curve, select it, and do the same for the next, until you have all inner sides of your road textured. Select the first side face on the curve, and alt+rightclick its respective top face (the first part of the road curve). Do the same for the rest and you have your road.

first select the texture application (Shift+A)
Click 1
Alt+Right click RED
Click RED
Alt+Right click GREEN
Alt+Right click BLUE
Click BLUE
Alt+Right click BROWN

Alt+Right click 2
Click BLUE
Alt+Right click 3
Alt+Right click 4

and just continue that all the way around.

Thanks soo much this helps ALOT

Thanks legend, i tried it out and it didnt work the first time, re-read and it worked!