how quickly wood burns wood in the lantern?

how quickly wood burns in the lantern?

any ideas? how long 1000 wood lasts in real minutes in lantern?

Quite a while. I’m sorry but i can’t give you the exact time on it yet i noticed it burns quite some time… Longer than campfires & furnaces :slight_smile:

I just timed it. It takes one piece of wood about 40 seconds to burn. So a full load would be 40000 seconds, or roughly 11 hours.

This isn’t exact, but should be close enough for practical purposes.

tnx mate
that info helps a lot

No problem. I also wondered this, but never took the time to actually count it until now. I had estimated roughly 12 hours for a stack of 1000 wood, which was close enough for practical purposes. But it’s nice to have a more accurate figure.

I thought they burned low grade fuel?

So you were wrong…

IMO they* SHOULD* burn low grade fuel. But they don’t. They use wood. It makes no sense, but it is what it is.

i know this is late, but they burn wood? how, those things are tiny…XD