How rare are top-tier items?

Hey, guys.

I’ve been craving a survival game lately, and I’m looking towards Rust. The main thing that would turn me off from the game, though, is this:

Consider the game Minecraft. Anyone who knew how to play could get diamonds within an hour or two (diamonds, for anyone who hasn’t played, are basically the “top tier” crafting material that allows crafting of the strongest weapons and armor).

Is this the case with Rust? For me, a survival game is truly a survival game when the “diamond” equivalent is… well… rare.

My question, I guess, is: In playing Rust, does everyone who plays for more than an hour run around with a firearm? Or is seeing someone with, say, an M4 a rare (and thusly nigh scary) sight? After a few hours, will I end up playing a graphically-nicer Minecraft?

its all luck and dependant on how much you play. you could have a full set of kev with an m4 and bolt action within hours, or a day or two. but most likely within a couple weeks of a few hours a day invested. Joined a server the other night within an hour i found a bolt action, so its really random. But weapons are really only as good as their user. M4 has range and damage over other weaponsbut jumps around like a pissed off mule. When you want to put more shots on target quickly at closer range, you would need a pistol or an MP5. And alot of players still like using the bow. The absolute “top tier” item in this game though is explosives, they are what you spend countless hours play to get. These these are fairly rare as drops. But they are common in airdrops. Depending on the server you can get airdrops say every hour or so. depends on the server set up and player limits. Once you learn how to make them, and so long as you can farm up the sulfur to make them they arent rare, just expensive

Well… it kind of depends.

You could potentially run into a town and get a gun from a chest and be decently armed right off the bat.

However it’s more likely that you’ll wander around aimlessly, chopping trees and getting killed by wolves and players for like 4 hours, get frustrated and then come back to the forum to complain. :zoid:

No really, it happens all the time in here.

Right, IF you can find a rad town to loot, or IF you dont quit before you can craft a bow to farm the reds, you could get geared at a reasonable pace. Also another thing i forget is with the limited content the climb to the top is pretty quick

Once you know how to play for the most part, the progression is pretty quick.

It still takes time to get all of the metal pieces and a full kevlar set but if you get lucky it’s no problem.

This will change as the game develops, it’s still very very early but totally playable.

I guess that’s the part that worries me—the progression being pretty quick. Then again, I suppose that’s the case with most, if not all games.

From the way you guys describe it, though, the difficulty seems like what I’m looking for.

This might be a forbidden action on these Rust forums, but would any of you guys be able to compare it to Day-Z or some other survival game? Is one more “survivaly” than another?

It’s hard to say really because Rust still isn’t really what it’s going to be.

Don’t buy it expecting a full game. It’s really not anywhere near there yet. It will likely be years before it’s near completion.

Things are broken and they’re frustrating. The devs don’t do hotfixes so you just have to deal until it’s fixed.
Sometimes there are workarounds. There are a lot of mods that do all sorts of stuff, but for the most part I really dislike mods.

Anyways, buy at your own risk.

I’ve played for over 200 hours. It’s pretty much shelved for now, but I’ll pick it up again later. I’ve definitely gotten more than my money’s worth.

Ah, excellent.

That’s alright, though. From what it seems, none of the survival games are actually finished, I’m just looking for the best one so far (and the one created by the creator of Gary’s Mod is intrinsically more interesting).

Also, thanks for your responses. :slight_smile: