How reliable is ElpisHost with their Garrysmod servers?

I’m pretty much planning on renting a 24 slot server for darkrp or zombierp from ElpisHost and I was concerned since they don’t have demo servers, does anyone have any opinions or vouches for them? What average ping would I get since I’m from Illinois and they host in Texas? Is anyone running a Garrysmod server from them that I may join?

Not running a server but a friend of mine ran one before and they ran pretty well, not to mention the hoster is a really generous and cool guy and pretty much any regular here can vouch for them.

So yes, they are reliable and worth it.

Why did your friend stop renting from them? was there an issue or just out of money?

He just moved on with life I guess, got a job and all that doesn’t have time to play games anymore.

If you really need more authenticity then wait a bit more, I’m sure some others will come in and vouch for them.

these guys rock

Best host 2012.

If the Minecraft support means anything Elpis is fucking awesome

Story time,

Another FP member (Shoar) and myself have a mod site for Kerbal Space Program ( ~shameless advertising~), Tyler has given us FREE hosting (<3) and has bent over backwards to accommodate us, even setting up mirror servers for distributed downloads.

It is unbelievable how awesome these guys are and everyone looking for game servers should use them!

Best hosting. Reliable and fast, plus the owners a champ.

Great hosting, and a great owner.

Had a server with them before, best host I’ve had, and the owner is pretty awesome

Best host I’ve ever used and incredibly generous.

Best GMod host out there, not to mention the owner is extremely generous (too generous if you ask me :tinfoil:)

Clueless generic person asking for gmod host advice: :words:
Someone with knowledge: ElpisHost

They’re pretty nice. I barely had any downtime with them, Even with a few people making huge contraptions that make a fuckton of lag. And the support is fairly good. I got a response right away. I stopped because I didn’t have time anymore. It was free so I was very thankful since I never had the money. It’s also easy to control. So easily one of the best hosts out there.