How Rorsach Get's His Tips.

Sorry for Rorsach looking a bit stiff, the models strange.

He noclips his hand into someone?

Bad map
Bad posing
No faceposing
No fingerposing
Bad angle
He’s holding him awkwardly
His hand is clippi-
Crap, ninja-d :ninja:

Models strange as hell. Download him yourself and try. Even when falling its stiff.
It is finger posed, the model hasbad finger posing.
If your threatening to throw someone off a building, i wouldn’t want to be seen.
He’s holding him by his jacket, your not going to see his fingers, so i clipped small parts of them in.

I’ve downloaded it before. Although stiff, I could still work him to get some good poses.
Well it’s hard to see the fingerposing.
If it’s mid-day in the middle of a city, he’s gonna be seen, anyway.
Don’t clip, especially not on purpose. If he held him with both hands by his arms, that’s look better.

The model is fine.

And is not the biggest problem with this picture.
That would be the guy he’s interrogating. He’s just… Floating.
Like he’s standing on thin air in a road runner cartoon.
And he has no expression.

Also its kinda tame for Rorschach.
Dangling someone off a building? Break some fingers man!

Looks like they’re floating

This is rorsach in his softer days, he’s just dangling :stuck_out_tongue:
the guy does have an expression, it’s a, shitting my pants eyes wide open.
Other then a frozen chest and head, he is literally unfrozen, ( the citizen) I can’t do much about the floating. And yes, that model is weird as hell.
Drop it off a building, then drop
a cit off. See the difference?

But your not dropping him off a building. Your posing him, and I know that you can do some pretty dynamic posing with it.

Also Rorschach was never that soft.
Even in the 70s he was breaking arms for info.

I was going to have an after screen of him dropping him :3

I’d have a much better pose if i could get the watchman badge to work. But, won’t show up in either browse or spawn menu.


You’re like Deathbucket, if sombody says that something is wrong with your pic you just say “That’s how it’s supposed to be”

As for the pic:

-Don’t use GM_Bigcity unless you plan on adding something to make it look more lifelike. You could have used a number of RP maps with much more detailed buildings (or maybe even a night map, which would be far more fitting)
-The guy is expressionless. You can’t just widen his eyes and say that he is shitting his pants. If you were being dangled off a building what kind of expression would you be making? Not this, but this.
-Is that jacket made of wood or something? It is physically impossible to be held upright like that if you are only holding onto that part of the jacket. Rorschach should be holding onto his shirt collar or something, this just makes no sense.
-Rorschach appears to have no weigh being put onto him, if he was holding onto that area of the shirt, his arm should have been hanging down.

I’m a defensive bastard :3
Also- i like the pics.

Edit: Would you mind giving names of these RP maps? I had to clear out my Gmod folder because it took for ever to load, and i don’t feel like digging through 300 shitty maps on for one good one.

Thanks for the C&C everyone btw.

And if you listened to criticisms and improved, you would like your pictures better.

You missed my Edit :frowning:

Ahem…Mentalgen…El Example! of a good(or decent) rorschach-ness pose :smiley:

Hi my name is Sottalytober and I made this really bad pose, but I’m insisting its great.

I just noticed in that screen why!? is Rorschach holding that guy with one arm!

Take it you’re not too concerned about falling 20 stores.

nope… not really :stuck_out_tongue:


Rorschach and co. are huge