How S&box Improves Upon Garry's Mod

Hey guys, I’ve been working on some blog posts that try to explain Source 2/S&box news and information. My most recent post goes over the main differences between Garry’s Mod and S&box, and what makes them so different. If you’re interested in reading about the differences, please check out the link below!

(I dont make any money from this or anything, I’m just trying to spread informational news and create publicity for my planned gamemode. If posting links like this isn’t allowed, please let me know and I’ll remove my post)


The physics engine as far as I could see is pretty meh when it comes to the actual simulations, but I cannot overstate how much better the tools are, and I’m grateful to see you put an emphasis on that in your blog.

People need to get excited about S&box not because it’s a newer Gmod with prettier graphics, but for the potential and ease of development.


That’s exactly right. I hear a lot of people say “Yeah but Garry said it wouldn’t be Gmod 2” but every time I tell them that development will be easier for everyone and we’ll probably be able to do even better things than Garry’s Mod. Especially since C# is much more known and used than Lua so it would be good to switch to a higher level language.


Thank you for your input! Like I said in the article, I’m still pretty new to Source 2 as well so most of the things I write come moreso from research (though I do love mapping, and the new hammer is so much better).

I’ll be posting more of these in the future :smiley:

Seriously, learning the new tools will be so much better for the average creator than trying to learn Source 1 tools. I’ll have to make a post soon arguing why people should learn C# and Source 2 tools over Source 1 stuff. Thank you for the idea!

I will be amazed if people stay with source 1, although no matter what some people just stick to their roots. There’s a guy out there that is still patching HL 1… 1!!!, a random fan of the game. that’s like 20 years later lol

cool blog btw

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Great article, keep it up! :+1:

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I wish there were more websites like this out there. Thanks for making the blogs! I think it will seriously help people understand the potential in Source2 and S&box overall. :+1:

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