how science works

This shocking revelation is startling, indeed…

brb smashing human sculls and beer bottles together.

crazy teenager with sex fetish caught assaulting a man at a bar with a beer bottle in hopes of creating a woman

more at 11 on fox news

Who noticed the melon in the last picture?

what melon???

More like TES4: Oblivion Alchemy 101.

It’s not racist, Jamal is just a watermelon enthusiast.

I love the guy’s eyes on the last frame before the motivator.

I have to admit I came into this thread with my mouse hovering over the “Back” button (as I always am when I am going to a comic that’s not by a known comic-maker, like madmanmad, zeeky, or Haz-Life), and when I saw the lack of stroke on the speech bubble, I almost clicked the back button. But when I came to revelation that you actually had speech bubbles, and didn’t type like a minge (like most other “comics” here in recent times), I decided to read it.

I’m glad I did.


That is quite a good bit of work you have there sir.

This made me laugh hard, thanks for making my day.

The truth is startling. I believe my whole life may, infact, be a lie! I must ponder this truth thoroughly!

Nice comic, I liked it.