How should a server be run?

Alright, I want opinions here. I run a TTT and my system of “government” isn’t really working out super well.

Currently I am the only owner, with 4 coowners and 2 superadmins. Superadmins pick mods, Coowners pick Admins and help pay for the server when donations are limited. I simply run the server. This system hasn’t been working out recently.

I want your ideas on how a server should be run. This might help other people decide how they want to run their server.

if what you are doing is working well then keep doing it, as long as your admins dont start promoting random and stupid people

“isn’t really working out super well”

Try only allowing 1 co owner that you trust you dont need that much staff have at max 2 superadmins and 4 admins only one co owner shuld solve the problem

Can’t really pick one. This wasn’t a place for me to change how I work. I want to see how other servers work.

well if you want to take a look at my prime example of terrible administration, im the only owner of my server with 3 other admins because i cant find people i can trust to administrate a ttt server without being a dumbass (quality players are a rare commodity)

The Owner

The owner pays for the sever when times get rough, and him, along with the SA’s consult, choose administrators and operators.

Only the owner can promote and give out staff, however.

It’s a good enough system, most HL2RP servers use it.

And if you can’t fund a server when times get rough, you shouldn’t really be running a server to be honest, but other people can still pitch in.

My server runs purely off donations because I’m not going to pay with my own money for a server people don’t like enough to help keep up.

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But I do like this idea.

Does your community only run with one TTT server, or do you have other servers as well?

One TTT for now

If you have a job it’s pretty trivial to set aside 15$ a month to support your hobby, and it does lead to a better server overall. But hey, do whatever the fuck you want.


No job is another reason for Co-Owners/mass donation need. And my server is $23.98 a month.

“People dont like my server so im going to keep using their money to pay for the server they dont like”
if you base your server purely off donations without paying for a bit of it, it will fail.

Actually, it’s been working well, it’s just our lack of newer players who stick around that make me think something is wrong with my staff.

How my TTT server (used to) work, and it worked well.
Co-Owner (if owner was an 100 in authority, he would be 99)
2 Super-Admins
3 Admins
However many moderators were needed

The owner is the finally say in promotions, the rest of the staff is there to give their opinions.

How did powers and stuff work with moderators, like in game?

Moderators- Slay, kick, ban, check logs when round ends, mute, gag, teleport stuff
Admins- a lot more “fun” stuff, not allowed to force T/D, can check logs all the time, no rcon
Superadmins+ - Everything, can’t target higher ranks though.

Thought I would contribute my system that has been working well.

Owner -> 1
Co- Owner -> 0
Developers -> 2
Head Admins -> 1 per server
Super Admins -> 1 to 2 per server depending on times
Admins -> 3 per server
Trial Admins -> Weed out the badmins

Donator Ranks -> Yay yay potatoes

Respected -> Pretty easy to get (e.g. You played on the server for a while and aren’t an asshole)
Member -> Join the Steam Group
Guest -> Everyone Else

I find having too many staff members decreases your player base and is overall a negative.

If the only reason you have 4 co-owners is because you don’t want to pay for the server, then maybe you shouldn’t have a server at all? I mean, if you’re not willing to put in the time and money, why should somebody else have to?

Also, that’s way too many admins, assuming you only get 10-15 players on average (that’s just a guess, it could be higher). I’ve known communities that get 200+ players on 4 different servers, and they only had upwards of 4 admins (countless moderators)