How should I setup this Linux Gmod server?

Hey, Im wanting to switch my Windows 2000 Server to Linux with the new Linux binaries for Garrys mod. The specs can handle 4 players without lag on Windows 2K server.
700mhz CPU
256mb Dual Channel ram
10GB Harddrive
Decent internet connection that can handle 12 player slots as server w/o lag in Source games.
What linux distro do you recommend, I dont want to run Ubuntu because it will not preform on this system.

wait… Ubuntu not working ? err…
Well, try console only, all I would say.

Don’t expect much from that, even under Linux.
I’d suggest Arch, since that requires you to “build” your OS from the base kernel and up, minimizing unnecessary things.
Though Arch isn’t exactly for Linux rookies.

I know, I know, Its only going to be a 4 player build server anyways. I will try Arch.

If you don’t have linux experience dont use arch.

grab a copy of debian


mkdir srcds, then wget the hldsupdatetool, run steam with -command update -game orangebox, then -game garrysmod, then download and copy across the gmod linux binaries, then start the server with ./srcds_run -game garrysmod +map gm_construct -maxplayers 64 or whatever you want

Alright, I pretty much know how to do most stuff with most GUI’s but how can I run Debian in console mode for more performance.

Stop the X server
If i remember right, that also closes your GUI, so you’re rocking the CLI

Or I could just boot into console mode.

Or you could save space and just do an advanced install of Debian and choose not to install a GUI…

Right you are, Thanks for everyones time. Hope to get it up soon.