How should rust expand? Any fresh ideas?

How should the game expand to allow more players?

It’s probably not feasible with this engine to create a map so expansive it could fit all future players, although that would be amazing and ground breaking. (It will probably happen someday in a procedurally-generated-world game with some incredible network programming)

Is there any alternative to a single (or a collection of) map(s) for everyone hosted on multiple servers?

I am pretty sure there will be multiple servers

lol I guess that’s why games have always done it that way. maybe that’s all there is.

maybe they can let you migrate between servers and take whatever’s in your inventory

look at garry’s blofg he says what he is gong to to to expand the server.

A feature I think would be nice is to open a door quietly. If you could hold e on the door and choose “open quietly” it would be pretty great.

but then that’s all anyone would do. maybe if you open the door while crouching it’s quieter (or silent).
either way that’s off topic. I appreciate you keeping my little thread alive

Yeah but it would take way longer than just running through like you can now; and yes of course this is a good thread.

maybe a faster way around the map. like a bike or something

I would fancy a system like diablo II. One character, many instances of the map(s).

Eh I don’t know that would take away the fear of dying somewhat. You could just go from server to server with the same gear like back when DayZ had really bad reloggers

Maybe they could make it so that you can’t bring your inventory with you, that way you have to store it in a house in each map. You would be less likely to just go hopping around from map to map if all you could take with you was what you are wearing. This would make you A. actually build something and B. go back to base before logging out. It would also be a unique dynamic for you if you had friends you met on the game and you are all basing together. That way when you are offline you are still experiencing the Rust fear. Are your companions protecting your stuff? Are they stealing it? It would be interesting with all the map data available to see what number of people in a group are doing the best. What is too large to have trust, and what is too small to be effective.

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Once the crafting system is really worked out I assume there will be recipes which are extremely hard to find. These recipes you have learned should stay as well as the equipment you have on and maybe 2-4 slots in your inventory. When you join a different map or log off everything else you have on you disappears, unless you have put it into a crate/box/whathaveyou.

For server expandability, Two words come to mind, **CLOUD **computing…

More map space/more maps is a great idea for future gameplay (I know, early early alpha).
I like what Dead linger does with it’s auto generating maps.

Auto generating is a feature hard to done right if not made early. Of course, it’s always hard, but if you’ve made it early it’s just easier to deal with.

I do understand that lol.
I do think that wither if they are going to redo/redefine the map at some point they should add a lot of other stuff suck as cities, forests, maybe caves, things like this. More zeds would be nice as well, they are not really a threat atm, other than being invisible I mean.

I do like the overall gameplay/structure of the game though. A whole hell of alot more craftables would be nice, but once again, that takes artists, modelers, time, more time, money(at least they got some more now lmao, so that is long term.

Overall, give it a year, maybe even 3-6 months and I’m this game will be crazy.

I really hope they will make like private hives servers, so you can just get combat loggers banned easy.

I think some sort of currency would be cool along with maybe, plants which generate plantations, which generate jobs, and etc. I think it would be cool to have more roads and caves/lairs that can then later on be filled with some sort of monsters (besides the other players, because lets admit… Some of them are PvP monsters) and other loot as well as more loot locations.

      The reason behind the currency would be when the game is developed and people become more familiar with becoming a town/community, what are they going to do in the town? Maybe there can be Caravans that sell goods to merchants within a stronghold and the caravan can be made up of players as well. The merchants would most likely sell Weapons, ammo, cloth, etc and could also be raided but at the same time the people of the towns the caravan was providing for can go on a manhunt... Lots of possibilities for the future of rust, CANT WAIT!!