How smart do you need to be to host a server?

So I was thinking about hosting a TTT server and I was wondering if I needed any knowledge to keep one up and to prevent hackers?

smart enough to not be using your parents credit card

If I can do it, you can too.

I was 11 first time. So you don’t need to be smart.

Smart enough to not have to ask.

If you want a simple answer, yes. You can do whatever you put your mind to. I had never run a server in my life one year ago nor did I know what to do but, with a little time and research I was able to run a server that’s now in the top 50 gmod servers on gametracker. So good luck if you need any help you can add me on steam. Remember the internet is the best teacher you could have.

You can be brain dead and put a server up, it’s ridiculously easy.

You dont have to be smart

It’s easy to host, just difficult to obtain a playerbase.

I have seen servers run by 9 year olds. So i guess everyone can do it.

I’ve seen camcole1 host a server. Anybody can do it.

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Anyone can host a server.

Only smart people can host a good one.

that smart

Dumb enough to know when to not host one.

It’s as easy as following a few steps

Just realized, why is this thread in this section?

…Scratch that.

Anyone can host a server APART from morons who think that questions go in the Gamemodes subforum.

Smart enough to know you don’t need to ask how smart you need to be to host a server.

I’ll answer this with a link to another thread reguarding server hosting:

The capital letters seem to be his favourite way to draw attention.