How software development actually works (and how Facepunch is Failing)

Rust is one of the most innovative and fun games I have ever played, so I would say they are doing something right. Software development theory doesn’t mean shit compared to results, and there are countless examples of well organized development churning out AAA boring crap.

I agree, Rust Legacy is awesome… I’m simply making suggestions for how it gets to that level of fun and beyond, in a calculated and organized fashion.

I wonder what software company op has made anyways

albeit rust should be made in the same way as overgrowth (where the devs just optimize, optimize, optimize new and improved features and that’s it, before even trying the actual game itself). I suppose that’s what OP is suggesting anyways which makes sense.

I quite like the organic approach they have to the creation of the game.

I was super skeptical about the game when it was first playable, now I’m sad that I lost my account and would probably buy it if the rust subforum wouldn’t make me feel like being in preschool.

I’m really curious as to what software OP has helped developed because it’s bound to be a LOT different than making a video game

you don’t have to worry about art assets and a ton of other things (maps, animations, models, more UI, how the game ‘feels’)

all a video game is software that is interactive but that doesn’t mean its even nearly the same thing

And what’s wrong with a game being labelled alpha/beta?

The developers would not be accountable for making a complete game… They can pull the plug tomorrow, and that’s it… they can leave a half broken/half finished product on the market. I think its unfortunate that more games are going this route, but I understand that’s what helps Indy game makers to establish the capitol they need to move forward.

You obviously don’t know Facepunch to assume they’d do that. Garry’s Mod has been in a complete state for years, yet there’s continuous development on it. Garry’s Mod has been an open ended game for almost ten years (December!), and look at the figures that game has pulled and look where Facepunch is right now.

I’m doing a degree in game development currently, and sure the methodology in the OP you’re talking about are professional approaches to software dev. But Facepunch is doing really well with their own approaches and development methodology. You’re thinking that Facepunch are under publisher deadlines and worrying about crunch time. If they don’t need to run against stressful but efficient methodology, just straight up don’t use it and make the product with the time you need.

Whatever your argument is trying to stand for, apply what you’re saying to Garry’s Mod and see the outcome of that.

I have your answer, which ill give you in relation to my company.

I work for a very large commercial jet manufacturer. I have absolutely NO idea how to build any parts of the airplane. You could put me at any point along the manufacturing process and i would royally fuck it up and make it worse, they would have to scrap the entire part and purchase a new one.

How ever! what i can do, is i can calibrate every single one of the tools that they use to build the planes. Any form of measurement calibration i can do and figure out, because that is my job and its what i do well.

So if you weren’t able to grasp what I’m trying to point out here, It’s that i don’t think Garry himself made the bucket helmet so calm your shit down and realize there are multiple people at work here and they all have different skill sets.

You’re acting is if facepunch is one person with all the skills and abilities to develop the game by themselves.

End of disccusion.

I’m not saying Facepunch is not successful, or questioning their effort, etc… Here is my main point to all of this:

If they take what they have currently implemented, and spend the next couple weeks really working it over, and refining it, knocking out bugs, etc… they will have a very efficient and functional baseline. That’s not to say in the interim, they cannot be doing artwork, LOD’s, sound work, etc… Once they have a clean baseline, they should take a methodical approach to implementing a new component or feature, and spend the time assessing the impacts of integration. If someone thinks that the developers should keep implementing new stuff rapidly, and slowly addressing issues with the current code, that’s their opinion. I was just pointing out that it may be good to take a step back from all that and really refine what they have…

I had to Google the term iterative.

For the record, Garry’s bank account disagrees with the OP.

rust -probably- could not have brought into feature completion with traditional development schedules solely on garry’s mod’s funding and there was no way the general public would have paid for a feature-incomplete game that actually looked like a feature-incomplete game. incremental development has proven to be very . profitable . for a lot of the sandbox-type games with the incredible success of garry’s mod, minecraft, dayz, where new novel grandly-changing mechanics are welcomed and to a certain respect expected without a traditionally defined endgame state

and so it makes sense to pursue that kind of development track for that kind of game for that kind of market

If the OP said that Garry didn’t know how to make money, then your point would be accurate. Considering at this point that the motivation to make Rust a good game isn’t likely about making money, at least not to the same degree they already did with the early access, then your point doesn’t hold water.

What you just said speaks volumes to your lack of participation in the alpha testing of the experimental servers or lack of actually paying any sort of attention to what they’re doing. If you had you would know that’s almost exactly what they’ve spent the last month+ doing. The game is running 10X better then it was a month ago and dozens upon dozens of bugs have been fixed. You clearly aren’t actually watching the development of the game but somehow felt you had enough knowledge to complain about it. Why don’t you take a gander at the @rustupdates twitter for the last month.

Im not sure what you are rambling about, but its not coherent or relevant to anything. Take a gander at the post saying “Stuck in my house”, “People glitching through walls”, “why i’m quitting rust”, “I keep getting DC from Servers”, “problems with very large buildings and stairways to heaven” etc… and realize that there are major issues with the current code that are making game play intolerable, or impossible… Now please stop posting Bullshit in this thread and leave room for intelligent conversation, which you are not a part of.

This is why I’m going to call bullshit on your credentials – you don’t know the development process. Should artists and animators be addressing the basic functionality of the game? And you have ignored the dev-blog entirely? You know, where they discuss the fact that they are addressing the basic functionality of the game?

You can put lipstick on a pig, man. You’re just one of the morons who bitches because you want your game now. Claiming to be a software developer doesn’t mean shit, nor does programming work-flow efficiency software make you knowledgeable about video game development.

awesome uninformed statements, with no merit or credibility… way to provide no substance to a conversation. +1 for ignorant post.

Ah, shit. I didn’t realize you were a troll. My bad, man. Keep eating those goats or whatever the hell it is you do.

idk why people should believe you either giving the fact that we have no idea what you’ve worked on or what you actually do.

and all you’re doing here is shit posting so the only troll here is you I guess?

being a software developer means he’s probably pretty familiar with the process so why dismiss it so insultingly like that?

And as i said, if you had bothered to follow any of the development of the game you would see that these issues are being worked and that some of the newer issues that came up are because of the developers trying to cater to the whiners by giving them coded locks. Most of the current bugs that have been introduced are not because of new items but because they were working on fixing other issues. You clearly don’t seem to be very familiar with how game testing works at all.

As I said it is clear that you have not actually been actively participating in the alpha testing or following the development of the game for very long at all and your trying to give yourself some sort of ego boost by stating you know how they should be doing their job because you work for a software developer. You can mark all my posts as dumb as much as you want but it doesn’t make anything I said any less true.

literally like half the stuff you just listed was addressed int he latest dev blog. Take a minute to get off your high horse and read about the game.