How sould I create Ragdoll/Player/NPC Character model for Garry's Mod?

I’d like to know, how to add ragdoll bones, player/NPC Body groups and parts etc.
I have 3D Ripper DX, 3DS Max 2011, MilkShape 3D, other programs I can get on net.

i’ve allready looked at Valve Developer Wiki but I didn’t find anything that would help me.

Look for tutorials on Google. And Valve Developer Wiki is made for people who know what they’re doing.

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If you have no experience whatsoever on modeling, rigging, lua, or ANYTHING then just do a prop. It’s easier, simpler, and you’re less likely to make a mistake, plus it makes good practice.

I’ve already looked for tutorials on Google, that’s what I do first, but I didn’t find anything useful to me.

Making prop is just too easy, at least ragdoll tut please.
some boneheaded stuff, some good stuff, but overall ought to get you started

Of course if you want players and NPC’s you need to use the original skeleton from valve

use xsi if you want to make characters. theres a rig, a rig guide generator, support with shapekeys, the list goes on. plus the modtool’s free if you can find it.

I’ll find it give me a moment

EDIT: ok here, this should work

What abou Autodesk Maya? Will it ease it?