How strong is kevlar?

I want to know this because we had a guy attack us with what appears to be Kevlar armor and we shot him 4-5 times close range with a shotgun and he didnt die.

I know kevlar is meant to be one of the strongest armor but I feel that shotgun at that range should have a least make him think twice about the attack.

Had a lot of gunfights, and I can tell you that the kevlar is quite OP (not that it is a bad thing) and if the guy has large medkit and a lot of food it is pretty hard to get them down.
Hope that was bitty usefull.


yes that was useful.

Well it sound like they become a juggernaut with Kevlar but lucky he didnt go far in his raid.

i whould say that you missed alot bacause i have been killing kevlar guys with ease as long as you have a shotgun… from 1-2 shot at point blank range.
Its realy fun when your naked and suprise the kevlar guys hunting you with a shotgun, the best way is to run inside or trought a bush and take your shotgun up… SUPRISE (sorry for my bad english)

Thats ok, might have just being unlucky.

idk if they fixed this or not but yeah if the guy had large medkits and alot of food they can just spam them and the person is really hard to kill a guy with kevlar kill me and 3 friends and we all had kevlar just because he was spamming food and medkits we shot him so many time but he didnt die

You can’t spam medkits and food. No matter what kind of medkit/food you use, you regen health at the same rate upon using them ; and if you get hurt once, the heal effect is canceled (think like salves in dota 2)

How much is the regen on each item

You always regen health at the same rate upon using an item that gives you health, roughly 2HP per second. So if you want to heal up completely from 1HP it will take a minute.

Would have thought there would be a hp difference between small and large.

Then I have no idea why i couldnt kill the kevlar guy at close range.

This has happened to me plenty of times. Once I spawned in my house while it was being raided, grabbed a shotgun from my crate they hadn’t found yet, ran up to the roof and shot a guy in kevlar in the back from almost point blank range. Shot him again and he still didn’t die. He jumped down from the roof, I followed him down and shot him again from a really close range. He shoots me 2-3 times with an M4 and I die.

Three times (with 4-6 hitmarkers each shot) I shot him from almost point blank and he didn’t die.

Since when is it like that because if you spam 3 large medkits and 5 piece of chicken takes 2-3 seconds to be back at full hp.

Its strong. Hows that for an answer?

when you look at the armor stats 200 means invincible.

Will you ever add an animation for healing and eating? that would help

They will more likely add status and durability to objects and stuff (think Minecraft).

I mean, after being shot like 10-15 times even kevlar as got to degrade from such an onslaught.

EDIT: By the way Pat if you would be so kind to reply to this, I’ve always wondered about the armour values of clothing.

Say for example I had +50 bullet protection, what percentage of damage would be cancelled?

Or more simply, how does the armor system scale?

Agreed, the cancellation ration would be great to know!