How summer should be spent

With your friends, playing video games, in a dark room, when it’s perfectly nice outside.

For lack of a 360 controller model, I applied the debugwhite material to some pistols.

Also, I know GMod can look better than this. I’m running a GTS250 1Gb, and it still looks aliased and blurry at max settings. Can anyone give me the console commands to make it actually look nice?


I uploaded a higher-quality image, my card was trying to run GMod on DX10, so I turned it to 9, and it looks quite a bit nicer. Still not as nice as I’d like it, though.

Pretty good with the pistols.

I like it, but where’d you get that Enclave ragdoll? Me want!

I agree, I’d want to play x360 with gordon, the enclave, and two chix (:q:) over the summer as well.

Good pose, posing on the tesla guy is a bit awkward


Also, I know the Enclave Tesla Armor trooper is somewhat awkardly posed, but that ragdoll is really stiff.

Gmod isn’t exactly a new game, it has it’s “niceness” restrictions. Rated the pic funny btw, since that’s unfortunately how I spend/spent my summer…

…minus the friends, and switch the 360 for another Microsoft-monopoly, but more variable “console”.

Gordon’s posing is a bit dodgy, but the lighting is good, and it’s mostly alright as a whole.

Wait a minute.
Sam Tiligan? Aren’t you permabanned?

Whatever. It’s a good pic I guess, the space is too open for me, and the pink light looks like they’re playing a sex game.