how tall can i make a wooden tower?



Pretty sure you can go really high up.


I tested this on my server when I bought one… as me and 2 friends tested and we went higher then the airdrop plane…

there is no height limits

thats neat

X feet. X = the max height you can build

I built one on a server i played on before it was only 36 floors and lagged the shizz out of the server when you went by.

It’s probably so high that you’d start to get weird positional issues due to floating point imprecision, though it’s just a guess.

Goon alert!!! :wink:

With help of the server Admin we built one over 600 floors. It took over 15 mins to get to the top but the jump down was so worth it.


It’s not lies, it’s actual.


And nobody thought about screenshots - RIGHT :slight_smile:

No there are screenshots, and a couple videos of the jumps. problem is the dude who did them is playing DayZ right now

There’s a height limit, some time ago a guy built a tower high enough to crash the server and then some.

that’s not a height limit that’s a server limit. :slight_smile:

and then some?

Three of the hamsters that powered the server committed suicide, one set fire to the rest of the hardware and the other two are now on the TSA No-Fly list.