How the Breen Fucked up Christmas

Or “a very wally breenmas.”
Made on a whim (because that’s the best way to make things, though they’re a bit sloppy)

Tell me what you think.

Gee golly gosherootie! That was fan-fucking-tastic!

That was heart warming.

I think I just got infected…


Ho ho ho, lol lol lol…

Thanks for the positive response, guys :smiley:

I’m the MOTHERFUCKING Santa Claws, bitch

i give you a rating

I love how it all rhymed, like a christmas song, but gorier.

I salute you :patriot:

Gee golly gosherootie, thanks guys :smiley:

gee this was great :v:

I know it’s an old topic and I shouldn’t be resurrecting it, but it’s christmas, and this is a christmas comic :smiley:
I don’t see the problem with resurrecting this anyway, not many people saw it, and if they did they should just move on.

Hahaha I had an amazing time reading this, epic comic.

I want The Breen to send me 2.5gb of the finest porn too :q:

Hahaha nice comic!

Whats the original name to the story? I can’t quite grasp it.

“how the Breen fucked up Christmas”

It’s a reference to the grinch.

This is just perfect

i couldnt read half of this…