How the Fellowship of the Ring defeated The Forces of Darkness With Modern Technology

Gandalf - “GIMLI, MY STEED WAS NOT DESIGNED FOR FRONTAL ASSAULT IN MIND!” Gimli - “F U Gandalf, this steed was made for me!”

I literally spent like 5 minutes laughing while i was fitting Gimli inside that golf cart.

That is incredible. Nice job on this.

I see jpeg compression.

To be fair a lot of Crazies work is generally blurry or mildly compressed. Not actually sure why, not a negative either but I’ve noticed it.

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Like a subtle blur.

It makes his pics look blurry and lower quality.

this is not a good thing.

I meant that personally, but I getcha.

No, i think you’re right, what i do is create an extra layer, and blur it and then set opacity to 30%. I do that to get rid off excessive sharpness in the beginning. I think that’s a bad practice that i should stop and should instead just blur the textures that are way too detailed.

classic CK