How the fuck do i fix my singleplayer?!

No one is gonna fucking reply and i just want to fix my singleplayer so that the sweps i downloaded can fucking shoot and be able to respawn after dieing! God fucking damn it!

Wow, chill out, rename your garrysmod folder and restart gmod, then put the sweps in. Jeeze…

I downloaded a ton of addons if i do that i have to fucking redownload alot of crap.

If you have a lot of crap, no fucking wonder your singleplayer is fucked up. Get rid of the crap you don’t need, and make sure you’re downloading everything correctly, and that it’s not out of date. And seriously, don’t just flame the forums if you want help, it gets you nowhere.

OR you can fucking copy all the fucking addons that you fucking like to fuck out of the fucking old garrysfuckingmod folder than fucking copy it into the other fucking garrysmod folder. No need to fucking refuckingdownload the fucking addons. Good fucking luck!

Saying fuck multiple times in a sentence makes us call, right guys?


I was trying to make a point, the guy can’t make a post without saying fuck, its annoying… If what I’m doing is annoying ok, I’ll stop.

OP is pissed off beyond repair.