How the FUCK do i get studiocompiler to work?

In have been sitting here for one and a half hour trying to find out how to reorigin hl2 models.
When i finally do find out studiocompiler decides to be a bitch and not compile my models, but then i see it needs to have the “steam games directory” and “SDK tools directory” Filled in. Now i try to enter some folders i THINK fits in there but now, it just closes down on me. It doesn’t tell me what’s wrong or anything, it just decides do leave me clueless and confused. Now if i’m a bit unclear it’s because i’m shaking with anger and trying not to smash every single piece of computer equipment around me. And i’d rather never try to use studiocompiler ever again. So does anyone here know an alternative to studiocompiler? I don’t want to model something, i just want to change the fucking origins on the shotgun model.

GUIstudioMDL. Try it.

Thanks, I’ll try it out.

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It’s working. Thanks alot for your help.


For the record you’re much better off just using studiomdl :slight_smile: