How the game is played

Just blowin off some steam here. When did this game become a troll game? here is the situation. I spawn in, and get chased for 10 minutes by another naked. His excuse? he needed a torch. … so instead of respawning(we were on a beach anyways…) or looting a sleeper, he takes the long route of chasing me down, and downing me to take my torch… btw what did he use to kill me? the remains of his torch… WHAT FUCKING LOGIC IS THAT? beyond that, he left me with nothing, and let me live… of course a naked with nothing might as well save some time and respawn…

Now, this incident isnt what pissed me off. shit happens all the time. what pisses me off, is I went ahead and global chatted him saying “what the fuck?” and an unrelated person chimes in “he’s playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played.” …Fuck. You. Asshat. What kind of ass backwards, bullshit logic is that? Are you going to tell me, the game is played by being a complete asshole? to look at all these structures. all these mechanics built into the game to enforce clan creation, then basically say "Fuck metal, Fuck guns, Fuck structures. imma kill till i die, then if i’m lucky, i can get a bow. " That phrase has almost become a trigger for me. Fact is, YOU just want to troll. you have a great time ruining everyone elses fun, and go to great lengths just to piss everyone off. then hide behind that aweful phrase “It’s how the game is played”… no it’s fucking not…

To be clear, I understand that this rant is troll food. I also understand half of you are already writing below " It’s a SURVIVAL GAME DUMBASS" or “Git Gud, or Go Home”. I like survival. I don’t like being unable to get off the fucking beach all because some numb nut wants to kill me for absolutely no benefit whatsoever. Someone who chases me 10-15 minutes. not because im a threat, not because i’m near his base, not because I have anything of worth. Not for any other reason than to piss me the fuck off, and claim “This is how the game is supposed to be played” . Fine you win. I’m Royally pissed, ranting and raving like a madman, and posting it. You happy ya little bitch?

This pretty much happens in any sandbox game with pvp. It’s one of the many reasons I tend to avoid official servers with Rust. They turn into nothing but a clusterfuck of naked beating on each other with rocks on the beach.

Maybe this game isn’t the game for you, have you heard of a game called Minecraft?

The people trying to kill you aren’t “trolling”, to these people a PvP fight is a fun part of the game.

My question to you is why the fuck would you even bother running for 15 minutes? If you’re naked and someone wants to murder you for a useless torch, just suicide and start somewhere else. Come on man, this isn’t even an issue, some people like teching up through murder. They won’t get far.

You do get a head start on the animal fat…

The game was created for people to have fun. If someone kills you for a torch because he needs a second torch and he finds that to be fun, then he is playing the game the way it was meant to be played. To have fun.

Main reason people kill nakeds now is to harvest the animal fat for low grade fuel

I’m sure he laughed as hard as everyone else who read this post.

you actually didnt post anything worth anything, you just whined becuase someone was mean to you on a game that provides that freedom particularly strongly.

Congratulations bro you let a video game full of autistic children make you angry, I wish there was some sort of award but then again the reward is surely inside of you right now lmfao

P.S: even if you’re roleplaying as a pussy carebear you couldve atleast noticed he was aggressive and fought back mr. “i love survival games”