How the Heavy discovered his Hidden Ability.

It’s huge, so hold up!

yeah show dem crank dat heavy boi

Seems like it would fit better in comics, but it was p funny.

Pow! Ha! Ha!

What was that hand? Kill them all? GOOD IDEA!

Very nice…

I also see the Engineer has glowing yellow eyes…

I should make his eyes larger

I hate the blood. Otherwise, good.

Awesome but the blood needs work.


Do they have blood brushes in GIMP?? Or is that exclusively photoshop, the smudge paint stuff feels cheap

You can download brushes.

Getting better you are.

I liked it very much, could use work though.

Filesmelt didn’t want to upload this for some reason.

Heavy discovered his POW-er


Uh G’d’awww thanks. :v: Ima see if I can make more comics featuring the ‘Engie Eyes’ maybe the pyro could debut some time…