How the heck can someone build without building privileges ?? Part deux

We’ve found some proof of hackers lately;

  1. dudes flying into buildings and more recently
  2. large wooden boxes being placed against the outer walls and even placed inside the house.

This seriously sucks ass. To me personally it takes out all the fun of playing Rust.
Working your butt off for weaponry and before you know it, it’s gone without a trace.

If its a one off on your server I’d take it on the chin but if it continues I’d suggest moving to a community server that has heavier admin presence. Since moving servers myself I haven’t had any issues with cheating.

This is on ‘Seattle’. One might expect the best admin presence on an official server.

There has been an increase in presence on the official servers but because its the first port of call for players that tends to be the same for hackers. There are some great (and high pop) servers on the community servers though

Official servers have largely been unmonitored, and are for gathering testing data. Recently the devs have started checking in and banning blatant hackers (these are devs whose primary job is to, you know, build the game), but if you want a well-moderated server, you’re better off playing on community servers.

That is correct and i agree, but i feel that it should be somewhat mentionned to new players that the official servers are unmonitored and a danger zone. When i bought the game, i wanted an experience as vanilla as possible and avoid hackers. my first thought was to ditch the community server because of how modded and untrustworthy they can be (events, admin abuse, cheaters) and go for the real deal, the official servers. I was met with disappointments for weeks until i realized what everybody else know, official servers are abandonned (maybe not anymore) and are a hacker fest. and community servers are “more vanilla” than official servers since its your only chance to get a clean, active server.

It’s mentioned to people, but everyone keeps making new hacker report threads, burying the old threads, because nobody ever searches before making their all-important new thread (usually with no proof).

Yeah on Seattle there has been some oddities as of late. Put keylocks on your storage containers as they can just fly through walls. They kept stealing my ammo! You may want to clear your cupboard from time to time also. But not that it matters I think Seattle hit the build limit.

Thanks guys for posting. It too was my understanding that the official servers were to be trusted the most. Now I know that thought might be wrong, though I have had bad experience on these as well.