how the hell did valve do this?

I’m looking at making a really big HL2 mod and adding neat effects like valve did to the gman in ep2 (shown in image)
As you can see it looks… awesome and I want this effect in my mod. The problem is that I don’t know how to do it lol.
If anyone has the slightest clue please say something it would be appreciated kthnx

How experienced are you at mapping?

3 years but i can’t figure this one out

I’d suggest decompiling a map with a G-Man cutscene in it and finding the corresponding entities.

I did already but everything is just one huge mess of scripted sequences, triggers, ambient generics, etc. etc. and it would take hours to go through everything to know how it functions. I came here to see if anyone had a efficient system on how to do it

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Edit: script_intro is the entity your looking for, I believe.

All of those scripted sequences and whatnot should all eventually lead you to one thing that triggers the scene. Just click one of them and follow it’s entity inputs for each entity in the chain.

Unnecessary but i laughed lol

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I’ll try that thanks

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WOW! thats it! thanks but now its time to figure out how to work it. mystery solved guys bye

Just use the wiki please. This same entity is also used at the start of HL2 if you remember that.

He couldn’t have used the wiki since he didn’t know what the entity was called. :V