How the hell do I make a server again?

I just want to make a server for me and my friend. So How do I make a server without making it dedicated and doing over-complicated shit to make it work?
I tried with sv_lan 0 and heartbeat, I tried using hamachi, nothing works.

If you want people to be able to join your server, you need to forward your ports. Click the link below and follow the instructions depending on your router.

Well, I tried and my server still shows only in Lan, even though sv_lan is at 0 and my ports are forwarded…
I miss the time where you could just create a server and wait for people to join. Now you have to do stupid shit like this and it doesn’t even work.

Are you sure you forwarded the right ports? If so, I really don’t know what the problem is. Sorry.

You’ve always had to forward ports.

Unless you used a modem before.

If your ports are forwarded correctly, you are going to have to give your friend the direct IP to your server. Using Steam’s invite and join game features don’t work if you are playing on a listen server.

I use to find my current IP.