How the hell people can get and play this game since keys comes whenever they comes!?

Title says thing

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Could you please rephrase on what you are trying to ask? I don’t understand.

The answer is simple: You can’t.

I think we need to ask the scientist to decipher this language of the under average internet user

How people can get and play this game 'cuz keys come whenever come (means forever) out

Um is your main language English?
No offense but just wondering

Juhta your place is all over the head

Sorry no
I’m from Finland

Okay then it’s fine but um try to study up on your English a bit :L
It’s um good but it needs some improvements

What the fuck is this thread even supposed to be

Well, for the keys to become un-available, someone needs to take them, so that’s how people got into the alpha, I don’t know what’s so hard to understand about that.

Tsyolin this forum is like a no frills box of chocolates if you know what I mean

Then am I here for no reason?

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Is it so pointless to come here and wondering why people can’t even get any keys to play this game??

I think he believes that there will be a time when there are simply no more keys, and no one else will ever get in, but that’s just my guess. If that’s the case Juhta, don’t worry. The game will be open to everyone at some point in the future.


Screw da waitin we break the 10th wall by releasing half-life 3 then maybe he will give us some keys XD
Oh but no you’re not getting keys likely unless you’re gold.

Rust sure has an amazing fanbase.

Indeed my good sir.
Oh but I do wish to soon get a key but I think I’m screwed with that /.\

Lol I have to get gold?
I can’t get because I don’t have VISA or any of these cards to buy it
and mom & dad won’t buy it for me I’m sure about that no doubt

If you are not old enough to get a card then you are probably too young to play this game.