How the Tech system could work...

The current blueprint system that is in place is not intuitive at all I think just about everyone thinks that we need something else to replace it, after doing a bit of thinking I came up with an idea, here is my idea.

Around the map there are various bunkers, these bunkers are relics left behind by a former civilization. Inside these bunkers there are various compartments each compartment contains different technologies, he is an example.

Workshop - Contains building/furniture supplies and design/assembly plans.
Armory - Contains various clothing, Armour and weaponry.
Laboratory - Contains high tech gadgets and advanced crafting materials.
Garage - Contains vehicle modules/parts.
Living area - Has a mixture of all of the above.
Kitchen - Contains recipe books and advanced cooking equipment (things like microwaves).

In order to find the rooms your must search various corridors, rooms and some doors may even require you to smash them open, this sounds pretty straight forward - but… there is always a but, inside these bunkers there are roaming Droids which are programmed to protect the bunker from any outsider who dare enter it’s confines, these guardians are powerful adversaries so if you want the technologies you will well and truly have to work for it, this could also encourage teamwork and encourage people to explore the map.

It’s just an idea.