How this Terran Marine and Space Marine war started.

Laugh or don’t/
Not bothered…

I’m going to reskin the space marine and make it an Ultramarine.

Oh that space marine looks neat. I am not familiar with W40k lore, so what is he supposed to be?

I don’t find this funny really. Swearing and insults =/= humour, unless executed very well.

Why Ultramarines?

Looks like an Assault Marine Veteran to me.

We all know Spaesh marines are better.

I think the Ultramarines are just the best chapter.

do something properly for once, mate. do something original. this is just two guys standing around, with curses added. it isn’t funny nor is it original.

lol I agree.

It took me approximately 5 seconds to find a joke funnier than this.


Hell no! My boood angels never lost a game.

The mans got a hammer the size of a compact car you cant argue with that.

This is a really boring picture with bad humour. You have done better :sigh:

I wish the Spesh Mahreen models were to scale. Those Terran fags wouldn’t be talking shit then.


Werd up homie!

Looks like no-one did, because this contains the worst humor I’ve seen for a while.