How to access Hl2Ep2 Maps

I want to know how to access the Half Life 2 Episode Two maps. Some of them have features that I want to know how to do (fences bending and ripping away, things getting crushed, scripted fighting sequences). Anybody have any clue as to how this can be done?

You can use GCFscape to extract the BSP files, and then you could decompile them to see how they work. Just remember not to copy bits from decompiled maps, they will likely have and cause problems.
The only Episode Two map that I can’t access is the one with the Combine Advisor in the barn, it gives a error when I try and load it.

Thanks Timenova


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I managed to somewhat fix the vmf that has the Combine Advisor in the barn. It seems to not have prop_statics but it still works. Here is the vmf if you want to take a look at it:

Valve has released the .vmf files while back.
Just google and you will find them.

No they didn’t

Ah, thanks. :buddy:
I shall have a look at it later.

They did.