How to add a game to my gmod server?

Hello all,

I’d like to know how I add a game to my Gmod server.
I want to add Portal, EP1, EP2, Lost coast and TF2 to my server but I am not sure which maps I need and where to excactly put them.
If anyone knows and could explain, please do.

Thanks in advance =)

And no, theres no option to install the game we want. We looked everywhere on the page(ViTi Network) and couldn’t find it.

  1. Your Server is installed?
  2. You know how to Update Your server?

Yes, it is installed we have it running right as we speak and css is in there but the host installed that, but I want to get the others in.
(We got everything we need it’s an rp server just those games we want extra for some props ;p)

So is it YOU that needs the Game or the server?:

You: Buy it.

Hosted: See if they have an option to install the Game
Self Hosted: HLDS Update Tool

The SERVER needs it, it’s hosted but there is no install option on the FTP itself, I asked in the support and they say we need to install those manually so my question is again: Which maps do I need, where do I find them and where do I place them in my FTP?

Why don’t you read the fucking OP and my post?

Anyone? Would like to have a “tut/answer” on this.