How to add a passcode to a door

Hi all,

Since the new update, how do you add the passcode to a door.

Also, do you need to add it to every door or does it work on all doors you have placed?

You have to hold E on your doors and then type in password.
I wrote password on every door.

We have tried it on our server and the door says we cab access the door - however the door remains locked :slight_smile:

Yeah, same with our server. Main guy sets code, we enter code and it still says locked.

Same here on our server. We set the code and it says we can open the door however the door still says locked. I am wondering if the Oxide mod broke the door passcodes?

Same here doors are not working. Oxide doors are turned off, but still not working.

It must be the oxide mod thats breaking it. Because without installed mod, its working perfect with lock code. :slight_smile:

Yepp, its prob Oxide, eventhough I completely deleted the Door Sharing plugin…

We removed oxide as we didn’t want to use it now since combo lock is here - still not working…

We have had to put oxide back on until this is fixed…

It’s deff Oxide. Tested it with and without. Lemme know if someone finds a fix.

I tested this pretty extensively before releasing the update - it works fine. Do you have any errors in your oxidelog.txt?

Too bad the code resets after the creator logsout :frowning:

If this is the case, can someone test if this happens on a vanilla server?

Thanks for the free house

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fuck where is your house?

Still this problem…

Just tested thoroughly without errors, using Oxide 1.10 and Door Sharing 1.1b. No errors, and both /share, /unshare, and the native Rust door passcodes work perfectly fine.

We removed Admin Remove plugin and it worked. Can anybody confirm it working with Admin Remove plugin?

Do you have a link to that plugin? I’ve never heard of it.