How to add Ammo to the F4 Menu.

This is for DarkRP. How can I add ammo to the Ammo tab in the F4 menu?

Please tell me the location of the file (Example: garrysmod/addons/darkrpmodifications/lua/???)

And the file to edit (Example: shared.lua) or (ammo.lua) idk.

Thank You.

If only you took the time and effort to look for 5 minutes you would have gotten the result, your thread shouldn’t have been made as this is just a small question, next time place it here or here

Thank you and HELL NO. Theres a WAY higher chance someone is gonna lookat my thread than some dumb old thread. You are the 3rd person to say that. But only Admins say it. XD Im never EVERT gonna use those Threads. End of story.

Why don’t you read this

to clarify:

I really dont care.

(User was banned for this post ("Know the rules and stop acting like a child" - Blazyd))

You need to stop being an arrogant bitch and expecting people to help you no matter what you need. You were given the answer.

The PTDNT thread is quite active, you’ll see people commenting on it every day. And it’s easier to use than creating a new thread for a stupid question.

Oh, and you sound like a little child.