How to add an mp3 to a ttt server?

So I have ulx and I like the playsound feature. So I have endroundsounds so I already have a few mp3s. I decided to add some more. I was able to add one with a lua file. But the same lua file didn’t add another one. I tried putting the line into a new lua file and no luck. The server says it downloads the mp3 but it won’t play that one file.
Here’s the code for the new file called “spook.lua”:

resource.AddFile( “sound/spook.mp3” )

Here’s the code for the first other sound called “sound.lua”:

resource.AddFile( “sound/car.mp3” )

I did put these files in the lua/autorun/server folder. Why does car.mp3 work but spook.mp3 not.

Have one file for all of your resource.AddFile’s.

Does it display missing sound error or just doesn’t play? Make sure you have it on your fastdl too in the same directory as on your server.

Apparently it decided to fix itself. Well then. It just suddenly works.